This application was built at the Small Business Hackathon within 39 hours where the challenge was to build an application focused on solutions that will help small businesses prepare and recover from major natural disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes.
Over a dozen small business owners were interviewed including Janice Jucker, who was a judge as well as a Co-owner of a small business called Three Brothers Bakery. The business was struck by a natural disaster 5 times, the last being Hurricane Harvey and she had to rebuild everything each time. With these interviews in mind, the goal was to build a product with a seamless flow that was quick and easy to use.


Developed an application using bookkeeping APIs to assist small businesses in organizing their assets proactively before a disaster. With AI-based damage detection software, businesses could assess the value of damages to inventory and equipment swiftly by capturing mobile photos. Small businesses could expedite the insurance claim process, bypassing the delays of manual assessment by insurance adjusters, resulting in a quick resolution for businesses seeking compensation for damages.
1. User Data
The user data is automatically filled in from Quickbooks API and VISA APIs. 

2. Image Analysis
Image is taken then damages are detected in the image.

3. Image Detection
Users can search the photo of their equipment in their inventory to see its cost and information. 
4. Insurance claims
All items would get sent to insurance to assess the damages.
HTML, CSS, Less, JavaScript, Express.js, Node.js, Python, VISA API, Google APIs, Visa DPS Card API, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
ML Technologies: Python, Tensorflow, LabelMG, Scikit-Learn, Quickbooks journal API
Frontend, UX/UI: Sarah Han
Back end, AI: Ashwin Kumar
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