Secret Party creates events and parties anonymously. It can expand on different platforms, desktop, tablet, mobile. Use cases include printed paper fliers, posts on social media platforms, and sticker and more forms of communication. Users can try (HP Link) Watermarked images to decode information about secret events. Functionalities include: creating events with descriptions and photos, RSVPing for the event, calling anonymously (Flowroute), hear text to speech for event details (using Tropo).

Secret Party was created at the Integrate + API World Hackathon (the nation's largest API-centric hackathon) where developers and entrepreneurs built new apps using dozens of technologies in order to solve sponsored challenges. Secret Party was the Flowroute Sponsor Challenge Winner as well as the HP Link Sponsor Challenger Winner where 73 teams competed in the hackathon.

Secret Party is an Android mobile and web application to create and discover secret and / or anonymous events. A library was built to interact with HP's Link Creation Studio RESTful API to integrate their services into our application. Secret Party has a database using MongoDB integrated Flowroute's API to spoof phone numbers to allow anonymous caller interaction. 

The application works by using the Flowroute API to purchase a Direct Inward Dialing (DID) phone number and routing it to the Secret Party backend FreeSWITCH system. HP Link technology is used through the application to embed the phone number into an image (such as on a sticker or poster). Party goers scan the image to get the embedded phone number. When they call the phone number, they are anonymously connected to a recording with party details, and have the option to speak with the anonymous host of the party. 
Mobile User Interface
Responsive iPad User Interface
UX/UI Designers: Sarah Han, Teck Liew
Front-end Developer: Teck Liew
Back-end Developers: Christopher Lee, Ian Goegebuer
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