- Shiseido Makeup Packaging
- Jewelry Packaging
- Pechanga Bagvertising
- WalMart Party Packaging
Shiseido Makeup Packaging
Shiseido is one of the oldest makeup companies in the world. They take pride in the quality of their products as well as their historical background. Their Camellia flower has lasted for generations as an unchanged logo. I created a packaging that showcases this iconic Camellia. The cover blossoms open just as their company has blossomed throughout their career. The transparent cover represents makeup not as a mask to cloak or hide, but rather as a tool that enhances the beauty already present in the user. The transparency element is used again in the "How-to" booklet. 
The concept of this foldable brochure/catalog came from origami, a traditional art form in Japan - just as makeup is a traditional art form in their country. The shape itself folds out to form an "S' that represents the "Shiseido" name. I used Serge Luten's striking photography for emotional and beautiful artwork to replicate the exotic and refined image characteristic of the Shiseido makeup brand.
This flip brochure displays four Fall makeup looks by Dick Page. The transparency was used to create a guide to where the makeup should be placed on the face. The layering effect is visually appealing, interactive and useful in guiding the customer to using the purchased makeup.
Jewelry Packaging
Pechanga Resort and Casino - Bagvertising
This interactive bag advertising shows a "winner" when the bag handles are held up. Custom casino game icons were created. Shadowed transparency was created and applied to the exterior for a dimensional look for the inner game icons. Logo was redesigned for a cleaner look than their previous branding.
WalMart Party Packaging
Over 50 unique designs were created that follows an extensive updated brand style guide for the WalMart party packaging line. Techniques of 3D modeling, photo editing, scanning and clipping images, self-shot product photography, use of stock photography, photo manipulation through PhotoShop were used for the creation of these designs. More examples can be provided upon request.
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