Beginning of the timeline

- Introduction of NASA / SpaceX
- NASA / SpaceX logos
- Introduction to the International Space Station (ISS) and the Interplanetary Transport System
- Long bars with the names of five NASA shuttles (Columbia, Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavor Soyuz), 
six SpaceX shuttles (Falcon1, Falcon 9 - v.1.0, SpaceX Dragon, Falcon 9 - v 1,1, Falcon 9 - FT, Falcon Heavy) with their indicated years of operation
- Years (1998-2020)
Middle of the timeline

- Details of missions line with the year with detailed information showing "ISS Flight, mission name, shuttle name, date" for NASA's missions and
"date, customer, shuttle name" for SpaceX
- Indicates Columbia Disaster with vector of documented image, Shaded bars show Columbia shuttle operations stop when the disaster hit
- Indicates the challenges that SpaceX overcame
End of the timeline

- The future (2017-2020) is separated from the past (1998-2016)
- Shuttles that are still in operation extend into the future
- SpaceX's Falcon Heavy is in development currently and is planned to be in use in 2017
- Plans for the future are noted in the mission description area
Detail views of the timeline
ISS Introduction and the five NASA shuttles
ITS Introduction and the six SpaceX shuttles
Columbia Disaster detail
Detail of SpaceX launch issues
Mission details by year
Organization of information on timeline
Vertical view of entire timeline
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