User plays against the computer that throws opposing weapons based upon the data gathered through recurring patterns of throws the user makes.

- Custom graphics were created.
- The user interface includes the “save & exit” button, player points, computer points, tie points, and the three buttons for rock, paper and scissors. It also shows the throw of the user and computer for each round of play as well as displays “win”, “lose” or “tie” by color.
- The rock, paper, scissors, and save/exit buttons are shown to be pressed for a moment when clicked on. The weapons thrown for the user and the computer are shown on the results board.
- The bottom “win”, “tie” and “lose” board with the throws for the round shake from side to side for a moment when the results of the game are initially in.
- The font for the point tallies is Brandon Grotesque, which is a custom font that is imported. It is generated in random rainbow color. 

- The Java game uses networking to connect the user to the computer player.
- The user throws rock, paper, or scissors by pressing the button. The computer would predict a throw based upon the user’s previously thrown patterns of four (for example: r, r, p, s). If there are the same amount of patterns to predict from, the computer would throw randomly between those patterns. The computer would throw random if the game started new or if there are no patterns to predict.
- User can save the game to save their current throw patterns for the next game. The game is saved as “hero.dat” file in the “bin” folder inside the project name folder in the eclipse "workspace" folder. The game can be exited and played again using the saved data from the past game.
- Sound effects would play accordingly after each outcome of the game (win, lose, or tie). Background music plays throughout the game.
Screen recording demo
User hunts quarries, and interacts with obstacles in a boundary to gain the most points until the timer runs out. Oregon Trail Hunting Game was recreated. The hero moves and hunts quarries with ammo avoiding obstacles and is restricted by boundaries. The user receives a score at the end of the timer of the game. Custom graphics were created. 

- The main character switches images based upon the direction she is facing or headed towards. The whiteboard marker shows the direction that the hero is headed towards. The hero stops moving when she reaches an obstacle. 
- The hero can move and stop moving by pressing enter. The main character can change direction based on mouse movement or with the right or left arrow keys. Ammo is shot by clicking on the mouse or pressing the space bar. 
- The hero can only move within the boundaries of the screen. When the hero is at the boundary, she stops moving and faces the opposite direction. 


- The timer counts down from 60 seconds to 0. From 10 seconds to 0 seconds, the countdown time turns red. 
- The font for the time left is randomly generated rainbow color. Background music plays throughout the game. 
- Sound effects are played when ammo is shot and when quarries die. 
- The ammo disappears when it hits a quarry, obstacle or when it reaches a boundary.
- Quarries are generated from a .txt file of name, hp, stats. 
- Quarries are randomly generated from the four boundaries of the screen. They can move in any given three directions from a boundary (i.e. from the bottom, quarries can move north east, north, or north west). 
- When quarries are hit by ammo, they become an obstacle object and the quarry image is replaced by a blood splatter. 
Screen recording demo
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