With CashRockIt, users can always find cash conveniently and quickly. Users sign in, request the cash amount needed, then locate nearby places that can provide it. The user's unique profile picture ID ensures security and allows payment flow. The business owner scans the image through CashRockIt and it can immediately access credit or debit card information embedded within. CashRockIt was created at the Money 20/20 Las Vegas Hackathon to support flow of money and increase efficiency of money transaction. 


Features were defined for the financial app with possible technologies and APIs implementations in mind. Use-case scenarios were determined which roughly helped shape user journey. Once the final features and user journey was established, sketches were developed to show possible user interfaces for both mobile app users as well as the business-side users. Once optimal sketches and structured flow was cemented, wireframes were generated which were then turned into the final versions of the user interfaces. These UI mockups were sent to the front-end developer who recreated the screens through HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The back-end developers implemented special features on the interfaces for both mobile and tablet devices.

The user is able to specify an amount to cash out with an addition to a small service charge. Participating locations with their user ratings are shown. When the user presses the request button, the business receives that information on their user interface to expect that customer. Once the user enters the location, they press the "Ready to Show Unique ID" where the business can scan that to cash out money. The user can also purchase products from that location which benefits both the user and the business.
User interfaces were designed for both the CashRockIt mobile app user as well as the business user in order to have a system to manage their respective accounts. The business user interface includes features to view a list of people who have requested cash back and if that user also requests an item from their business. There is an option to set a limit of cash being withdrawn from a person at a time. If the business ever decides not to use CashRockIt, they can opt out of the cash withdrawal with the toggle on the top left bar on the UI screen. The right side of the business user interface takes a picture of the unique ID that has an embedded card payment.

Once the business selects the customer requesting cash withdrawal from the list, there is a confirmation dialog screen that shows the customer's unique watermarked ID picture, full name, request details and details of a requested in-store product purchase. The business can decide to cancel or confirm the transaction.

Once the business confirms the transaction, a confirmation screen appears to provide an overview of the transaction as well as the total amount to be withdrawn and given from their cash register. 
Technologies used

Android, MongoDB, Node, Java, worldpay, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Javascript, jQuery, Meteor 
UX/UI Design: Sarah Han
Front End Development: Teck Liew
Back End Development: Ian Goegebuer, Christopher Lee
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