AquaData is a mobile app that was created at AngelHack Los Angeles 2017 to solve water quality issues. It allows users to report water quality issues to send to corresponding regulators.

I created the branding, interface designs and front end development. Custom designs include alert icons, cards, gamification awards, logo, logotype. I integrated those elements into the front end development which was created through HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Material Design. The other team member integrated the back end technologies and also worked on the front end.

AquaData won the Innovate App Award and was the sponsor challenge winner for NEHA (National Environmental Health Association).

The first version was created in under 24 hours. New features as well as design refinements were made in time to demo at the AEC (Annual Educational Conference) in Grand Rapids, Michigan in July 2017.

Our team researched data of water quality as well as general facts on government and state websites while we thought of creative solutions to this problem. Through research, we found top water health concerns as well as main location categories which we used as a basis of our solution.
Water Quality Location Categories:
1. Environmental Issues

- Climate change, drought, geography, natural contaminant
2. Infrastructure
- Aging pipes, lack of funding / resources
3. Anthropogenic Pollutants
- Agriculture or storm water run-off , manufacturing, spills
4. Regulatory Oversight
- Disconnect between regulators and communities
5. Public Health
- Disease outbreaks from drinking water systems

With the research, we devised our approach: to create a mobile app which allows users to report live water quality data to send to regulators. To make categories simpler for users, we divided the top five location categories into three (environmental, infrastructure, health) to report location based data. Issues could include water leakage from pipes to manufacturing spills. The live data would be translated into reporting format and sent directly to relevant government agencies to promptly repair those issues.

I created the branding, interface designs and front end development. My team mate developed the back end and also worked on the front end development. I used HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Material Design to develop the front end. I designed the alert icons, cards, gamification awards, and branding (logo, logotype) in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
- Engage citizens with fun and well-designed interface
- Uses community recognition to encourage posting
- Easily scalable solution that can be applied to any location
- Automated messages through text and email
Community Use and Impact

- Empowers the users to contribute to their community
- Efficient and engaging reporting system
- Equips the government with actionable items and up to date information to improve water quality, public health, infrastructure and the environment.
- Serves as a bridge that brings closer connections between regulators and communities.
Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, React, MongoDB, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Twilio API, Google Maps API, Excel Add On, Visual Basic
Design, Front End Development: Sarah Han
Front End Development & Back End Development: Hermino Garcia
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